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Dope Black Dads is a digital safe space for fathers who wish to discuss their experiences of being black, a parent and masculinity in the modern world.

Our aim is to celebrate, heal, inspire and educate black fathers for better outcomes for black families.


The Award winning ‘Dope Black Dads Podcast’ features contributions from the Dope Black Dads from around the world plus special guests discussing everything from mental health, parenting in modern Britain, challenges of being a modern woman all the way to keeping your relationship spicy.

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We Won A WEBBY Award!!

I Love Me Book. 


A first book of positive affirmations – perfect for building confidence and self-esteem in very young children.

Every morning, we look into the mirror with Daddy. Together, we say words to help us feel proud and brave, powerful and strong…

Brimming with positivity, I Love Me! is a fun and empowering book of affirmations to help little ones stand tall. Written by Marvyn Harrison (founder of Dope Black Dads) and with art by Diane Ewen (the award-winning illustrator of Floella Benjamin’s Coming to England), this upbeat book is perfect for sharing, easy to put into practice, and celebrates the very best in all of us!

With joyful, uplifting statements for each day of the week, it provides an enjoyable routine to help prepare young children for the wider world of nursery and school. The book also includes a bright, fold-out ending and tips for parents and carers.

Words can be powerful, which is why new children’s book I Love Me is a must-have for your family bookshelf. Practise saying the uplifting statements with your little one to help boost their confidence and feelings of self-worth.

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