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The Power Of Mutual Allyship

Since the murder of George Floyd, conversations around antiracism and what it means to be an ally have reached an all-time high.
As is so often the case in our fast-paced and social media driven society, people are and were quick to catch on to terms and make them ‘trendy’. ‘Allyship’ has certainly been tweeted and shared more in the last year than ever before.
But what does ‘being an ally’ really mean? What does ‘being an ally’ have to do with doing the work of antiracism, unravelling our bias and elevating marginalised voices?

Creative Corner: meet South African Artist Tivani Ernest Mabulele

Tivani Ernest Mabulele is a South African artist based in Johannesburg, his current collection ‘Childhood Memories’ is being shown at August House, an exclusive art building, housing more than 40 independent, pan-African contemporary artists, in private art studios, known to the locals as ‘The Artists’ Playhouse. Below Tivani shares some of his artwork. .

Why Sex Education Is Leaving Black Students Behind

Talking about consent is weird. I can say that confidently; I’ve been doing it for more or less the past eight years, working with a handful of organisations who deliver conversations about consent in universities, schools and workplaces. And talking about consent with teenagers? Awkward and weird…



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