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Race and Dating: It’s Just A Preference

I know. Another article about racial preferences in dating. I’ve seen the loop we’re in. One side shouts that racial preferences are racist. Another says that they’re not, and that personal preferences are just that. Everyone slinks off to their respective corners to lick their wounds and mutter about the wackos on the other side.I know how uncomfortable this subject can be. Race and sex are two of the gnarliest, most uncomfortable subjects in our society. It makes sense that we struggle to talk about them both at the same time. But I think that if we approach this subject with bravery and compassion we learn important things about how love can work.

Hair and Self-Acceptance: Raising Kids That Love Themselves

Afro hair has a long history of being denigrated. Throughout the ages, natural hair has been viewed as unruly, unprofessional, unmanageable, and ultimately undesirable. Unfortunately, these misconceptions are still perpetuated today. Black women are frequently bombarded with messages that communicate that having “good” hair means having straight hair, or at least loose curls…

Navigating Fetishisation: Then And Now

As an adolescent Nigerian in 90s England, I never saw a problem with ‘throwaway’ comments such as “….that girl is definitely into your BMW…..” or “….I bet you’re a beast on the football pitch….”. As an adult I can now see these backhanded compliments for what they are, exoticisation covered in ‘white gaze’. It may be 2021 but racial fetishisation is still a problem…

can I still Be Kinky After kids?

Having children is a blast. As a mother of four I can say it has brought some of the happiest and most joyful moments of my life. With each child I changed, navigating the treacherous roads of the first 6 weeks and surviving the aftermath of pregnancy. But there was one thing that never seemed to change, something that after each child became all but a thing of the past and something my body seemed to forget how to do. It wasn’t exactly a topic of conversation when you met with other mums at the park or at your local mother and baby group. Just a polite trigger warning cos this could get personal. Let me whisper it sex, sex, sex.


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The Black Vegetarian: No It’s Not A New Thing

Across the black diaspora worldwide many communities adhere to vegetarian and other forms of plant-based diets. Popular examples include the Rastafari community who follow the Ital diet, the Nation of Islam community and the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem, each of which recommend their members follow a vegetarian diet. The Coptic Christians of Egypt and the Orthodox Ethiopians also regularly abstain from consuming animals and animal “products” for fasts and specific periods...


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The Struggles Of Being A Female Doctor In Nigeria

In most medical schools in Nigeria, there is a common saying, that girls make the better students and boys the better doctors. As sexist as this statement seems, it is the reality for most.The cultural landscape of the country often limits women from reaching the peak of their careers. The average Nigerian woman, albeit educated, is expected to prepare for family and place the needs of the family ahead of hers. This extra pressure to be the main carer in the family, to cater to her husband and children impacts her opportunity to pursue her career and hone her skills. Although, some women manage to balance this cultural pressure with their educational and career goals it is an obstacle for many.

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The moment between “everything is fine” and “I’m not okay” feels like seconds but there are signs.

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The phenomenally dope Black mum Tanya Pinnock @misstanyap29
is collecting donations for women & children living in refugee in partnership with her Domestic Abuse CIC Strength of a Woman.
Tanya has created an Amazon wish list where you can donate a gift.

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We are looking for volunteers to help us organise a Black Christmas event:

- Black Santa and helpers
- Gift giving
- Happy Children
- Families together
- Our food and drink
- Our music
- Our Dances
- Photobooth

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