“Rising against all odds with more strength than before. Accomplishments come with hardships.“

Rise Kitt Rise

Tivani Ernest Mabulele is a South African artist based in Johannesburg, his current collection ‘Childhood Memories’ is being shown at August House. An exclusive art building, housing more than 40 independent, pan-African contemporary artists, in private art studios, known to the locals as ‘The Artists’ Playhouse. Below Tivani shares some of his artwork and his thoughts on being an artist.

Rising against all odds with more strength than before. Accomplishments come with hardships.

Q: What made you want to become an artist?

A: The ideology of touching people’s lives without using words.

Q: What is your favorite piece and why?

Q: Does your art tell a story and if so what story is it telling?

A: That would have to be unforgettable memories. It’s filled with so much joy. Remembering a time everything seem simple.


Q: What story does your art tell?

A: It tells a story of how beautiful Africa is. Africa is mostly portrayed as this poor continent where kids are hungry, unhealthy and somehow sad. My artwork tries to show the other side that most people outside of Africa don’t know. Though we didn’t have much while growing up, life was simple and filled with joyful moments. To know that one is poor you have to show them how poor they really are before they actually start to notice.

Q: Why did you join the artists community ‘August House’?

A: It’s filled with all kinds of creatives. You get inspiration even when you not looking. It’s also a space where you get to market yourself and the market comes to you whenever there are open studios.

Q: Why do you think diversity in art is important and for, especially black, artists to have their work shown?

A: The marketing that comes with exposure. There are so many talented people but they lack the opportunity to showcase their work and for people to engage with and get familiar with their art.

Q: Any advice for aspiring artists?

A: Keep on pushing. Hard work beats talent.

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