Author: MIlca Agbenou

The Black Vegetarian: No It’s Not A New Thing

Across the black diaspora worldwide many communities adhere to vegetarian and other forms of plant-based diets. Popular examples include the Rastafari community who follow the Ital diet, the Nation of Islam community and the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem, each of which recommend their members follow a vegetarian diet. The Coptic Christians of Egypt and the Orthodox Ethiopians also regularly abstain from consuming animals and animal “products” for fasts and specific periods…

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Say No: An Essential Tool for Black Business Women

In the workplace, saying yes is often seen as the golden rule for getting more opportunities, gaining exposure and climbing the corporate ladder. This is especially true for Black Women, who are often afraid to miss out on opportunities that are already limited for them compared to their white counterparts. Because of this many of us end up being completely ‘no’ averse, developing constant FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), afraid of having our “can do attitude” badge removed from us, or other potential consequences.

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Black Women are x5 more likely to die in childbirth: Why & what can we do?

Less women die from pregnancy and childbirth today than any time before thanks to scientific progress and wider access to essential healthcare services. In the UK, the maternal mortality rate is less than 1 in every 10,000 pregnancies, a relatively small number. But when we start looking at differences in mortality rate across the population, the picture isn’t as positive.

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