Author: Roger Ajogbe

Pause: The Cost Of Social Media Sharing

You already know the feeling of waking up to the news of an atrocity shared with you over WhatsApp, or as the result of some early morning ‘doom scrolling’ through your socials. It’s almost unavoidable. A lot of well-intentioned, yet often, uninformed or unchecked information that could be true. Lots of opinions dressed as facts.

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The Importance of Being Earnestly F**ked Up: Why Therapy Helped as a Black Man

The ending of a romantic relationship varies. Some conclude with a mutual understanding that the sweet sorrow of parting is a good idea and a friendship may even blossom. While others fade into nothingness, artificially kept alive by habit. Some end with a huge row, raised voices and wide, crying eyes. And others in quiet desolation. The hardest are those that end in heartbreak.

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