Author: Tanaka Mhishi

Race and Dating: It’s Just A Preference

I know. Another article about racial preferences in dating. I’ve seen the loop we’re in. One side shouts that racial preferences are racist. Another says that they’re not, and that personal preferences are just that. Everyone slinks off to their respective corners to lick their wounds and mutter about the wackos on the other side.I know how uncomfortable this subject can be. Race and sex are two of the gnarliest, most uncomfortable subjects in our society. It makes sense that we struggle to talk about them both at the same time. But I think that if we approach this subject with bravery and compassion we learn important things about how love can work.

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The Tattoo World Needs To Get Over Its Issue With Dark Skin

Tattoos on darker skin have a long history, in fact we’ve probably been tattooing longer than white skin has even existed in humans. Tattoos have a long history in Asian and Micronesia. We’ve also found tattoos on human remains from the Nile Valley civilizations; ancient Egypt and Nubia. And yet, in 21st century London it can be a struggle for someone of a darker skin tone to find an artist whose aesthetic they like and who is willing to take them on as a canvas.

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Consensus on the Census: ‘Mixed other’ needs to go

2021 is going to be important, and not just because we might get to wear something other than facemasks and tracksuit bottoms for a change. Coronavirus aside, 2021 is a census year. Of all the admin tasks that the Government requires of us, the census is by far the most interesting. Conducted once every ten years, it’s a vital resource for understanding how the country is changing in terms of our living habits, professions and, of course, ethnicities. And after a year of Black Lives Matter protests on both sides of the Atlantic, it’s vital that it measures ethnicity accurately. But for people like me, our ethnicities won’t be counted. And that hurts everyone.

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