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can I still Be Kinky After kids?

Having children is a blast. As a mother of four I can say it has brought some of the happiest and most joyful moments of my life. With each child I changed, navigating the treacherous roads of the first 6 weeks and surviving the aftermath of pregnancy. But there was one thing that never seemed to change, something that after each child became all but a thing of the past and something my body seemed to forget how to do. It wasn’t exactly a topic of conversation when you met with other mums at the park or at your local mother and baby group. Just a polite trigger warning cos this could get personal. Let me whisper it sex, sex, sex.

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The Struggles Of Being A Female Doctor In Nigeria

In most medical schools in Nigeria, there is a common saying, that girls make the better students and boys the better doctors. As sexist as this statement seems, it is the reality for most.The cultural landscape of the country often limits women from reaching the peak of their careers. The average Nigerian woman, albeit educated, is expected to prepare for family and place the needs of the family ahead of hers. This extra pressure to be the main carer in the family, to cater to her husband and children impacts her opportunity to pursue her career and hone her skills. Although, some women manage to balance this cultural pressure with their educational and career goals it is an obstacle for many.

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