Nerves are normal when returning or starting school. Due to Covid 19 children have spent the majority of the last year learning from home. Normal going back to school nerves combined with concerns surrounding Covid might make this a difficult change for your children. Here are five things you can do if your children have anxiety about being back at school.

Listen To Their Worries and Empathise

It can be easy to minimise children’s concerns as an adult. But, however small their worry may seem their feelings are valid and deserve to be treated as such. One of the most impactful ways you can make your child feel comfortable with returning to school is to actively listen to why they might be nervous to go back.

Whether they are scared they won’t know how to make new friends or know how to chat and play with friends they haven’t seen in a long time it’s a genuine concern. Even as adults the return to workplaces and socialising has been nerve-wracking for some. It’s the same for your children.

If their concern is related to covid and safety hear them out and remind them that schools are being as safe as they can be. You can read this article about covid safety in schools.

Let Their Teachers Know

Inform their teachers if your child is having a hard time adjusting. Teachers might struggle to identify if their children is feeling particularly anxious in class. By letting them know they can keep an eye out and ensure your child is given the extra care required to help smooth their transition back to school.

Arrange For A Hand Off

After you’ve dropped the kids off at school they may still be feeling anxious. In fact, walking from the school gates into school without an adult presence can be a nerve-wracking moment. Let the school know that you would like to arrange a hand-off if possible. Ensuring an adult is there to greet your child at the school gate will help ease some of the anxiety after you have dropped them off.

Be Positive

It can be hard to stay positive in the current situation but one of the most effective ways to ease your children’s worries about the return to school is to be positive about it yourself.

Remind them how great it will be to see their friends again every weekday and learn in a classroom. Not just that but they will be able to do group activities again in classes such as science, music, drama, and PE.

Let them Know They Are Not Alone

We’re all in the same boat. We’re in this together. These statements are cliched for a reason. Let your children know they aren’t alone. You are there to support them through this time whether that be by walking them to school, listening to their worries, or giving them advice. Let them know they aren’t alone in their worries and concerns either. Remind them that other children are probably feeling just as nervous as them about going back to school and even that you yourself were nervous about going back to work or socialising with friends again but that we are all in this together.

It may not be possible to do all the things on this list, some may not be feasible with your workload or timetable. However, even if you try to do just one of the things on this list you’re taking a step in helping smooth the at times difficult transition from home to school for your children.