Eliminate fear, my motto is to be fearless, always. Once you become fearless you become unstoppable.

Bami is the founder of Twerk After Work, a fitness company that offers a wide range of twerking classes, ranging from the classic twerk after work class – fitting fun and fitness around the average 9-5, to classes that teach twerk technique (great for women like me who resemble a chicken when they attempt to get down), and self love and confidence boosting classes. Whatever the class It’s clear that empowerment is at the heart of Bami’s values. Twerk After Work isn’t just a series of fitness classes, it’s a successful business, one that has not only survived the Covid pandemic but thrived. After all, Bami is a shrewd business woman, landing a job at Google as a Digital Marketing Specialist straight out of graduating university, before using her position there as springboard to her new role as a successful entrepreneur.

Let’s turn it over to Bami:

First and Foremost, in your own words what is Twerk After Work?

This is a safe space I’ve created for all types of women to freely express themselves. Currently, Twerk after work operates through online classes, which can be booked via the 
TWERK AFTER WORK™  App, the first Twerk dance app ever. These classes cover dance moves from various cultures as well as meditation and affirmation sessions towards the end. We dance to a range of music covering hip hop, afro beats, dancehall, reggaeton, and more!

How Did You Start? Lots of People imagine starting their own Business but you actually did it! What were the first steps you took to make this a reality. 

I started it as a 20% Diversity & Inclusion project when I was working at Google,  started it off the back of feeling excluded and wanting to create a safe space for women. It quickly became the most popular Googler-led class on the Google campus, and in 2018 I decided to the take the leap of faith, move to the UK, and make TAW a reality.

Why do you think Twerk After Work has been such a success? What’s your USP (unique selling point) if you could distill it?

Twerk after work is inclusive; we have representatives from almost every community including, white, LGBTQ, Hispanic, black and more. I’ve made it a safe space for all types of females, and we include mental wellbeing sessions within our classes as well as physical. I also have 19 twerk instructors globally and we follow a format that’s effective, fun, and free, most of all you can do our classes no matter what fitness level you’re at. 

Do you think diversity in start-ups is important?

Yes, 100%, although it’s probably difficult to achieve complete diversity on all scales, it’s important to embrace employees from different walks of life, as it enables businesses to cater their solutions to a wider range of customers/audiences. Diversity enables a business to grow, different employees will challenge each other mind sets and opinions. Imagine a start-up where everyone thought the same way and had the same way of working, it would be boring and non-progressive. 

How have you managed to keep your business going during Covid-19?

It was all down to thinking quickly and adapting my business needs, on the B2B side I shifted my offering from corporate wellbeing to diversity and inclusion workshops. This was a new focus for businesses off the back of the black lives matter campaign, so being able to provide talks and workshops in areas that truly matter to me during such a historical time for the black community was incredible. I also managed to turn my business into a purely online offering within 48 hours! It took a lot of hard-work, and re-shifting schedules, but my instructors are amazing, they’re adaptable and actually, it works out better for our attendees as there are more class options on a daily basis.

Do you have any advice to those start their own business?

Eliminate fear, my motto is to be fearless, always, once you become fearless you become unstoppable. Ensure it’s something you’re passionate about, there will be days where you are not as motivated, but because you enjoy what you do, it doesn’t feel like work, also accept you will have to let go of some responsibility and trust others support you and do things you don’t have time to do. I’ve outsourced a lot of work and have been able to grow off the back of this.

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You can book a Twerk class the Twerk After Work Website and follow on Instagram.